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Events represent a considerable investment in resources so the greatest possible diffusion is essential.It is therefore necessary to design a coherent communication policy that unifies and coordinates the message in offline and online media, from designing a graphic identity as far as broadcasting its contents in printed and digital supports.

Social Media have meant a change in routines and customs, bringing new rules to many corporate functions.Communication, publicity, product development, customer services and, of course, the complex events sector have had to adapt and make the most of the great potential behind new technologies.


Web Event

Presence, professionalism, reputation, diffusion, positioning… this is the best showcase to reach our target audience, to put across all the general information on our event (schedule, programme, speakers, activities, exhibitors, etc.) to process registration and online payment and to produce traffic statistics among many other functional features.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest… there is such a wide variety of social media and it is there to strengthen ties and equip us with PR productivity tools.Now we can reach a greater audience, get them more involved, inspire their loyalty more easily and find out all about our target audience.

Email & Mobile Marketing

An emailing campaign is the perfect complement to online communication to reach your potential attendees and interested parties by informing them about what’s new with your event.

Credentials, QR codes, real time notifications, augmented reality, interactive maps, payments, etc. make your mobile the most versatile device to perform any function.



Visual identity, signs, posters, catalogues, leaflets, cards, direct marketing, banner stands, displays, decorative surfaces, sign boards, etc. are many of the graphic supportswithin visual, printed and digital communication that should maintain corporate coherence to strengthen branding.

The media

Press, radio, television… press releases and notes, clippings… keeping a regular communication flow open with the mass media is vital to broadcast and monitor your event, before, during and afterwards.


Creating an original, creative and innovative campaign does not always require major resources… it is important to have clear communication goals and know your target audience.You can count on us and our wide network of collaborating companies to dream up, carry out and plan your campaign.

Audiovisual productions

In order to promote a product, present your company, document an event, broadcast it live, put it on the net, cover a show, produce an advert or its making-of…
We can provide you with complete management… script, recording, editing, post-production…Do you want special effects, 3D animation, motion graphics, characters?


You can consult us to stimulate, promote or attract end consumers at the point of sale, both physically and psychologically.Your product will be presented in the best atmospheric, positioning and lighting conditions.Plus POS advertising, exhibitors, stands, demonstrations, tastings, entertainment, promotional gifts.

Corporate gifts

Any object can be turned into a great corporate gift.If you are thinking about spoiling your customers, we can advise you on finding just the right gift to match your expectations.Personalised, dedicated, creative… we’re bound to get it right.

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